Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

 The girlfriend and I headed out to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza the other day. Coal fired pizza used to be almost exclusive to New York City. It's known for using high heat coal ovens to make a very crisp crust with some charring.
We were seated immediately on entering the restaurant. We ordered the meatballs for an appetizer and a large pizza topped half with sausage, and half with prosciutto.

  The meatballs came out looking impressive. Served with two slices of  focaccia bread, a dollop of ricotta, and fresh basil, the plate presentation was very nice looking. The meatballs however while quite tender, were also quite bland. The flavorful sauce and ricotta helped add some needed flavor. The focaccia was a nice accompaniment to place the meatballs on.

   The pizza was a mixed bag of awesome and WTF? First off the crust was perfect. Thin, crunchy, with a little blackness on the edges, it was one of the best crusts I have ever had. The cheese was nice and bubbly. The sausage was good, being not overly seasoned. The sauce was also very good, too bad it was used so sparingly. The prosciutto was my WTF moment. It was long pieces, just layed over top of the pizza. It definitely needed to be chopped a little finer, and to be cooked with the pizza. Overall though, if you take away the ridiculous prosciutto presentation, you are left with a pretty damn good pizza.

 All in all I liked Anthony's. While there were some missteps such as the prosciutto and minimal sauce, they still have one awesome crust to build off of. Will be heading back to try out some of their other menu items soon.

RATING:  6/10 

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Modern Cafe

  Just had lunch at the Modern Cafe in the Northside of Pittsburgh, and ate one of the best sandwiches ever. Modern Cafe has won best sandwich at the Northside Sandwich Week festival two years in a row, and now I know why.
The Spartan $7.50

   I give you THE SPARTAN. Steak, gyro meat, provolone, feta, onions, tomato, seasoning, and taziki sauce, all on a 6" hoagie roll. Holy crap was this thing good. Why bother getting a gyro somewhere, when you can get this.
 So get off your butt and get down to Modern Cafe pronto. You do not want to miss this sandwich.

Modern Cafe Spartan Sandwich   10/10

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aladdin's Eatery

  For Lunch the other day, my girlfriend and I decided to try out Aladdin's. There are 6 around the Pittsburgh area, and word of mouth has been pretty positive. We settled on going to the Aladdin's on Mcknight Rd in the North Hills.

  The dining area is small and well kept. It's decorated in a modern Mediterranean fashion. We were quickly seated and attended to.

 The menu is obviously heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Check it out HERE. Lite and healthy is also a theme.

Tropical Storm Smoothie

 We started off with some Tropical Storm Smoothies which are blended mango,guava, pineapple,yogurt, and honey.  It was blended to order and was quite refreshing. Could have used some rum in it, but lets not be petty.


  Three lean beef and wheat shells, stuffed with spiced ground beef, onions, and pine nuts, then deep fried. Served with yogurt and Lebanese salata.
  The Kibbie was like eating a spiced meatloaf with a crunchy shell. The taste of cinnamon and other spices permeated the Kibbie. The little salad was flavorful, with tomatoes, cucumbers, and green pepper, tossed with mint leaves, vinegar and oil.

                                                                  Rolled Pita

  For our main course we decided on getting rolled pitas.

                                                            Shish Kabob Rolled

   Char-grilled tenderloin, feta cheese, greens,tomato, and onion, with Aladdins sauce rolled in a pita. My girlfriend ordered this and it was quite good. The steak was flavorful and tender enough that you could bite right through it. The feta and sauce added some nice zing.

Beef Kafta Rolled
      Ground beef mixed with onions,parsley, herbs, and spices. Chargrilled with tomato, onion, and tahini yogurt dressing. Like a middle eastern hamburger, the beef had just enough spice to make it interesting. Also the beef was quite lean with barely any grease. The other toppings accompanied the beef nicely . A good change of pace from your typical american style burger.

 Aladdins is a great little restaurant. Almost everything on their menu is under 10 dollars, so the price is right. Lots of healthy choices are to be found if you are watching your waist line. It is a great change of pace from your typical American restaurant. You wont find fries with cheese and bacon, or mozzarella sticks. you will find original dishes at a good price, with a Mediterranean influence.

 From what I can gather there are 6 Aaddins throughout the Pittsburgh area. Go and check them out.

Aladdin's Eatery
Rating:  8/10 

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